Plush Mats & Supermats – Tuff Stuff



The RRRUFF! Plush Dog Mats are very comfortable and easy to wash, your pet won’t want to sleep anywhere else! Designed and produced in NSW Australia.

Filled with thermal polyester, like a commercial doona – naturally warm in winter, doesn’t overheat in summer.

Medium Mats (Plush Mats) are plushly filled, however all the Supermats are double thickness with dense filling for the heavier dog. (see pic)

Fabric is ‘furnishings’ upholstery material, which is stronger than cotton.

Plush Mat Medium (80 x 60cm)
Supermat Large (100 x 67cm)
Supermat XLarge (100 x 80cm)
Supermat XXLarge (130 x 105cm)