Heated Dog Mat



HoundHouse Heat Mats are the same material as the canvas mat. The heat mat comes with a heating element in one corner of the mat, allowing your pet to easily regulate their own temperature during the cooler months of the year by moving off the heated section of the mat. The canvas material is breathable, waterproof and scratch resistant. The heat mat comes in four sizes, each size corresponds with the size of the HoundHouse Canvas Dog Kennels.

The Heat Pad measures 20 x 25cm in the Small and Medium Mats, and 25 x 35 cm in the Large & Extra Large Mats. The thermostat regulates heat to 32 degrees Celsius (ambient). This is the only mat that offers, breathability, waterproofing, regulated heat, It has a power cord that is 1.5 m from the heated pad to power pack and water resistant. It has a 1.5 meter cord that runs 12 volt from the power transformer and plugs into all Australian household power outlets.

Small – 50 x 41cm (Sold Out)
Medium – 58 x 56cm (Sold Out)
Large – 80 x 70cm
XLarge – 100 x 78cm

Heat Pad Size
Small – 20 x 25cm (Sold Out)
Medium – 20 x 25cm (Sold Out)
Large – 25 x 35cm
XLarge – 25 x 35cm

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