This is not in fact a terminator, but a Snooza super tough bed! Made from 1000 denier fabric, not only is the D1000 washable, Teflon coated, UV treated, flea-free, re-fillable AND water repellent it also looks so good you might need two – one for inside & one for outside! The cover is sealed with a completely hidden durable zip & the inner is also zippered to allow for easy washing & fresh filling. We’d never call any of the Snooza beds ‘indestructible’ (they’re for dogs after all) but this bed is tough with a capital T!

Small – 900 x 650mm
Medium – 1050 x 800mm
Large – 1200 x 950mm
XLarge – 1350 x 1100mm

This bed is not only super tough it also has a water repellent cover. This means that dogs & water will have a hard time getting in but it also means it’s difficult for air to get out. Therefore, it’s importatnt to take the cover off and air the inner regularly to ensure it stays in tip top condition.
Trapped air can also mean it may take a little more time for your dog to get used to how this bed feels. But be patient, with each wash the ‘puffiness’ will subside & your dog will love it!
As the dangly part of the zip (or pull tab) is often enticing to a dog & can lead to a bed’s eventual demise it’s deliberately left off. To remove the cover, simply slide a paper clip through the slider.